Solid Essential License Update Instructions

Updating Solid Essential from a Trial to a Subscription is a pretty simple process. Once you have received your Subscription License via email perform the following steps in Solid Essential:

Step #1

Once Solid Essential is open go to Utilities | License Manager.

Step 1

Step #2

Click Install License.

Step 2

Step #3

Enter the Servercode from the email, select the "Request License file" option, then click Next.

Step 3

Step #4

Click Next.

Step 4

Step #5

Select the "Remove Existing Licenses" option then click Finish.

Step 4

Step #6

At this point you should receive the success message click OK then Close the License Manager. It is recommended at this point to Close and restart Solid Essential.

Step 4

If you have any trouble with this process please let us know in the "SE Get Some Help" forum on eSupport.